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Hi Dear Ones! How is your weeks going? We are almost to the weekend! Are you excited? I am! I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off of work! WOOT WOOT!!! Donny would say that while I typed that I would do a little dance with my fingers and he would laugh at me. So here […]


Sister Dates, Bridal Showers, and Work

Hi Friends! My weekend was such a blur! I have been running all over it feels like! I was so happy to finally have the weekend though. Working two jobs was not easy for me. I also apologize for not writing my Friday Letters. I had to work all day for my last day at […]

New Jobs

Hi Pretties! How are your weeks going? Mine has been so busy! I am so sorry for the lack of content. My brain is so fried! So far every day this week I have worked 9 hours straight with only a 10 min break driving to the next job. My body is exhausted! I am […]


Liebster Award

Hi Friends! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. This is something that I have never really heard of before, but I think that it is such a honor to even be considered. Thank you so much Emily from Jolie Emily. I love her blog, and you should check her out!! The Liebster Award […]


Not Leading At All

Today I want to talk about leadership. Not just any kind of leader in the work place, at school, or maybe in a small group. I mean being a leader that God wants you to be. Every person is different. God made us that way. Each one of us has different talents or gifts and […]


Hello friend! This is the first blog that I have ever had. It is sort of exciting writing something that everyone can see and read. People I may know, and people I may not know. There is just something very exciting about it. So I am Moo. AKA Mariah. This nickname does not come from […]

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